16th Annual Conference 2001

Managing Change in the Legal Firm Through the Teaching Company Scheme
Electronic Public Procurement – A Mountain to Climb or Mission Impossible
The Central Idea of the New Block Exemption Regulation
Consumer Confidence in e-commerce – the Role of the European Community
Linking to Infringement – A Comparative and Cross-Border Analysis
Reach and Rich – the New Economics of Information and the Provision of On-Line Legal Services in The UK
Consumer Confidence in E-commerce
Why Patenting Information Technology And Business Methods Is Not Sound Policy
Habeas Data – An Update on the Latin America Data Protection Constitutional Right
Implementing Iolis
‘Are You Illiterate’ – Web Delivered Legal Services and the Demise of High Street Legal Practice
Disputes Solved in Cyberspace and the Rule of Law
Data Protection and E-commerce – The Case for New Law, in the Information Age
Plagiarism Detection Software – Implications for Law Schools
Taxation of Electronic Commerce – A Developing Problem
The Game of the Name – Personal Name Domain Names and Applicable Law
The Legal Equivalent of HIV – An Analysis of the Global Nature of the Internet
Digital Downloads, Copy Code, and U.S. Copyright Law
E-Commerce in Trade – Some Solutions to the Particular Problems Facing Africa in the Digitisation of Trade Documentation
Taking the Sting Out of Domain Name Disputes
The Relationship between the Legal Regulation of Communications Technology (CT) and Travel and Tourism in the EU
Technological Protections in Copyright Law – Is More Legal Protection Needed
The Evolution of On-line Contracts
Evaluation of the Potential Impact of On Line Surveys to Improve the Home Buying Process
Multimedia – Enhancing Student Learning
Cyber-Terrorism – A Call for Governmental Action
Protecting Webcast Content, Copyright on the Internet and Problems of Jurisdiction in the European Union
Integrating C and IT Into the Delivery of a Law Module – A Reflective Look at Two Postgraduate Modules
Internet Governance and Territoriality Nationalisation of Cyberspace
Legal Security of Web Sites – Proposal for a Legal Audit Methodology and a Legal Risks Profile Classification
Supply of Software – Copyright and Contract Issues
The Weakest Link – Flint II and Beyond. Statistical Methods in Police Expert System Design
Computer Games Technology and Legal Education and Its Impact on Legal Systems
Outline Paper on Practitioners’ Use of On-line Law Reports
Moral Rights in the Digital Age – New Possibilities for the Democratisation of Culture
A Tale of Two Interception Regimes – RIP v CALEA, a Comparison
Structural and Legal Implications of E-Health
Current Issues in U.S. State and Federal Taxation of Electronic Commerce
The Reflexive Relationship between Computer Games Technology and the Law
CODAS as a Tool for Jurimetrical Research
Changing Perceptions and Needs of Legal Education and The Usefulness of Iolis in These Changing Times
Encryption, and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
Some Current Issues in Legal Information Retrieval
Legal Issues for an E-Commerce Venture
A Tiger by the Tail – Student Laptop Computers on a Legal Practice Course
Computer-Based Disclosure and Discovery in Civil Litigation
Law for Life