18th Annual Conference 2003

Capturing the IT Customer’s Requirements – a Shared Responsibility
Content Regulation in Malaysia – Unleashing Missiles on Dangerous Websites
The Internet – Tool of Law, Source of Law or Tool for Sources
Implementing E-Commerce Tax Policy
E-Courts in Brazil – Conceptual Model for Entirely Electronic Court Process
The Management of Rights in the Digital Environment – Lessons from Legal A.I
Articles, the Academy and Authorising Reproductions
Judas or Messiah – The Implications of the Mod Chip Cases for Copyright in an Electronic Age
Online Financial Services in the European Internal Market and the Implementation of the E-Commerce Directive in the UK
The Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act
PayPal and eBay – The Legal Implications of the C2C Elctronic Commerce Model
Service Provider Licensing System in the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Industry
E-learning Material and Open Access
Drafting E-legislation – Amendments to Existing Legislative Instruments or a New Information Society Act
Developing European Legal Information Markets Based on Government Information – First Findings from The Add-Wijzer Project
The WTO and the Protection of Personal Data. Do EU Measures Fall within GATS Exception
From Idea to Action – Toward a Unified Theory of Software and the Law
A Brazilian Experience on Technological Distance Learning for Law Students and Professionals
Controlling National Top-level Domains – The Question of Legitimacy
Privacy, Freedom of Expression and CyberSLAPPs – Fostering Anonymity on the Internet
Privacy, Data Retention and Terrorism
Freedom of Expression -v- The Multiple Publication Rule
ICANN’s Role in Controlling Information on the Internet
American Tax Systems as Examples of Successful e-Government