22nd Annual Conference 2007

How to apply intellectual property law to Virtual worlds
The future of copyright in India
Paper and stone – How technology has not changed the retrieval of legal information, yet
Data protection in the third pillar – in the aftermath of the ECJ decision on PNR data and the data retention directive
How open is open – Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative as an Alternative to Open Source Software
A Scissor-less, Paperless, Tome – Business, Law and Libraries – the eBook and Mobile-Reader Debate
Finality Rules within the Law of Domestic Large Value Electronic Funds Transfer in China
Would the Phishers get Hooked
Conceptualising Identity
Data protection and database theory – Applying database design principles to personal data identification
Privacy issues in Mobile Advertising
Nanotechnology – Development, Risk and Regulation
Grand designs, competition ‘by other means’ and new Vistas
Consumer Rights Protection on the Online Auction Website -Situations and Solutions – A Case Study of EBay
Confusing The Captain With The Cabin Boy – The Dangers Posed To Reform Of Cyber Piracy Regulation
The Digital Divide, Financial Exclusion and Mobile Phone Technology – Two Problems, One Solution
Managing Virtual Communities – Time to Turn to the Whetstone
Of Otakus and Fansubs – A Critical Look at Anime Online in Light of Current Issues in Copyright law
The Intellectual Property Rights for new plant varieties – a Malaysian Perspective
Data Sensitivity – resolving the conundrum
Old Dogs and New Tricks – Law and Digital Curation
Confrontation of Witnesses in US Criminal Actions – Limits on Technology Enabled Interaction
Judges, Judgments and the Jacobean Press – Ownership and control of judicial opinions in the twenty-first century
Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) – Malaysia’s privacy at the crossroads
La France v. Apple – who’s the dadvsi in DRMs
Anomalies in Internet Law
Blowing the whistle on Sarbanes-Oxley – Anonymous hotlines and the historical stigma of denunciation in modern Germany
The Potential impact of Digital Rights Management on the Indian Entertainment Industry
A quantitative analysis of legal word use
Electronic Agents and Legal Personality – Time to Treat Them as Human Beings
Software asks the questions – what’s the law’s response
Legal Implications of Trusted Computing
Moral rights in the Digital Environment – ‘Authors’ absence from Authors’ rights debate
Big Bio-Brother is here – wanting, taking and keeping your DNA
The Admissibility of Mobile Agent Data in Dutch and American Civil Law of Evidence
Where Does Fair Use Go — An Insight into Regulating File-Sharing in Research and Education
The Hong Kong BitTorrent Case – Why Should Big Crook Go Down Big Time for a Little Infringement
Motor Insurance at the Click of a Button – Legal and Practical Risk
The E-Money Directive and MNOs – Why it All Went Wrong
User-Generated Content Online – Legitimate power or the Wild West
The Fraud Act 2006 – The E-Crime Prosecutor’s Champion or the creator of a new inchoate offence
Subscribe Now – Podcast Technology and the Study of Law
Domain Names Management and Dispute Resolutions – A Comparative Legal Study in the UK, US and China