23rd Annual Conference 2008

Balancing of rights on the internet- some thoughts prompted by the Promusicae case [Diane Rowland]
‘Capturing the classroom’ – A model for blended learning [Penny Wiggins]
Data, Information and Knowledge Under EU Data Protection Directive [Bostjan Bercic]
Espression 2.0- From Known Unknowns To Unknown Knowns [Daithí Mac Síthigh]
Internet Censorship and Freedom of Expression [Ronald Kakungulu]
Keynote Speech- Law Shaping Technology; Technology Shaping the Law [David Flint]
Law 2.0, Web 2.0, Why Not Legal Sociology 2.0 [Martina Gillen]
Mandatory Online Mediation for European Consumers- Legal Constraints and Policy Issues [Pablo Cortes]
New Technology Helps Old Crime- The Needs for New Fraud Law in the Information Age [San-Yi Li]
Phone-tapping and the Right to Privacy [Ronald Kakungulu]
‘Real Time’ Mobile Content; Quality and the Standards of Liability [Yazan Mansour]
Technology, the Cultural Appropriation of Music and the Creative Commons [Richard Jones]
Copyright v Contract [Ruth Atkins]
I know what you saved last summer! – The use of secret spy software by crime investigators [Matthias Damm]
Illegal activities, preventative technologies and ISP immunity- Where should the buck stop [Carlise George]
The UK 2007 data protection fiasco- moving on from bad policy and bad law [Cannactci and Bonnici]
Trojans, Agents and Tags- The Next Generation of Inventionstigators [Wiebke Able]
What Happened To Creativity Is It Time To Reform Copyright Law [James Griffin]