21st Annual Conference 2006

Holding global companies to account – the role of the internet
Ignotum per Ignotious – Second Generation Surveillance Technology and the Presumption of Guilt
Rethinking Accountability in the Cyber Age
Creating Trust and Satisfaction On-Line – The UK EBay Experience
Jurisdiction over disputes relating to electronic consumer contracts under Brussels I
An Overview of eBay’s Consumer Protection Regime – Towards a Sound Protection of eBayers
(Don’t) Stop the Cavalry. Traditional Music, Intellectual Property, Globalisation and the Internet
‘Borne back ceaselessly into the past’ – Glossa, hypertext and the future of legal education
Data protection – harmonisation or confusion
The Emergence of the Lex Informatica
Internet Governance – The United States won the battle, but will the Internet win the war
Slippery slopes or solid ground – Living with the ‘cyerspace is place’ methaphor
Protecting children’s right in the internet – The Challenges
Enforcement of Consumer Protection Rules in Cross-border Disputes of E-Commerce
Universal Service and Broadband
Integrity – using the undefined
The Role of Economic, Cultural, and Legal Backgrounds in the ICT Law
The Mobile Phone Revolution – Who Will Pay the Bill for Universal Access
‘Halt, who goes there’ – On agents and conditional access to websites
Internet domain names and trademark law – does the current legal scheme provide an adequate protection to domain names
Using ICT to support reflective learning and personal development planning within a blended learning environment
Regulating electronic contracting in Jordan