15th Annual Conference 2000

Technology Law Efficient Development Process to Meet Economic Globalization Requirements
E-Commerce and Legal Practice in Scotland – A Benchmark Survey
Address by Lord Justice Brooke to the Annual BILETA Conference
Tears Shed Over Peer Gynt’s Onion – Thoughts on the Constitution of Public Legal Information Providers
Electronic Delivery of a US based LLM Program – A Study in Progress
Reflections on Enforcement Measures and Penalty Levels in Computer Misuse Legislation – The Council of Europe Convention
‘You’ve Got Post’ – Assessing the Posthuman
Governance and Dispute Resolution in Cyberspace – Trade Marks v. Domain Names
Electronic Commerce and Closed Distribution Networks – Proposals for Solving Legal Problems
Privacy in the Yugoslav Cyberspace – Problems and Protection
Distance Delivery in the Electronic Age – Professional Body Regulation
A Legal Philosophy for Technological Informatics
Cybertort (Towards an Integrated Electronic Learning Environment for Distance Learning in Law)
Teaching Law to the Nintendo Generation
Handling Criminal Appeals through an Integrated, Computerised Case Management System
The Claims and Challenges of Computers in Learning the Law
Regulating Spams on the Internet
Who do you Trust – Beyond Encryption, Secure eBusiness
Electronic Contracts and Signatures – National Civil Law in the EU Will Change Drastically Soon
Digital Technology, Copyright and Education – The Malaysian Perspective
Borders and Boundariers Impermanent Boundaries – Imminent Challenges to Professional Identities and Institutional Competence
Trade Marks and Trade Names as Search Criteria – Protecting Business Assets from the Unscrupulous Meta-tagger
Automatic Classification and Intelligent Clustering for WWWeb Information Retrieval Systems
Rewiring Learning on the Web – Shaping Education in Cyberspace
Anonymity, Privacy and Cyberspace
ALICE in Cyberland – Computer Support for Lawyers in a Global Economy
An Ideal E-Commerce Consumption Tax in a Global Economy
Regulating Cyberspace
EU-E-Law, Lao Tzu and Law Teachers in the CT Age
Who Owns Your Work – Copyright, the Internet and Higher Education
Software Patents Pending
Copyright Reform and Legal Education on the Internet
Internet-Based Learning in Malaysia – Islamic Law
Electronic Commerce – the Malaysia Digital Signature Act 1997 and the Singapore Electronic Transaction Act 1998