17th Annual Conference 2002

Enhancing Consumer Confidence in Electronic Commerce – Consumer Protection in Electronic Payments
Knowledge Management for Law Practice – Do We Really Need It
Legal Issues Affecting E-Commerce – A Review of the Indian Information Technology Act 2000
What a LUVLE way to learn Law
The Role of Copyright in Protecting the Creativity of Programmers
Can Self-Regulation Satisfy the Transnational Requisite of Successful Internet Regulation
The Emerging International Criteria for the Regulation of B2B Exchanges
Technological Self-Help – Its Status under European Law and Implications for U.K. Law
Quality Assuring an Electronically Delivered Distance Learning Programme
The Hague Conference’s Proposed Judgments Convention – Issues and Implications
Globalisation of Legal Practice – Will There Be Any High Street Lawyers in 2010
Regulating Architecture and Architectures of Regulation – Contributions from Information Systems
Online Dispute Resolution – The Emperor’s New Clothes – Benefits and Pitfalls of Online Dispute Resolution
On-line Dispute Resolution – Present Realities and Future Prospects
Use of Bayesian Belief Networks in Legal Reasoning
Ethnic Minorities Net
Online Negotiation and Mediation – Is There Room for Argument Support Tools
The Finnish Health System and CT Law – The Difficulty of Caring for Santa’s Bairns
The Economic Efficiency of Self-regulation – Two Case Studies
E-Commerce and Privacy Issues – An Analysis of the Personal Data Protection Bill
Using Computers to Manage Large Litigation Document Populations Effectively – A Primer
Internet Administration In Austria – ICANN, NIC.AT or the Government
The HYPATIA project
Free Expression and Censorship Through Design Protocols – A Misapplication of the ICANN UDRP
Trusting the Trustmark
120 Days Notice and Other Limitations to ICANN’s Power
Trademarks and Domain Names in Sweden
Copyright in the News
Integrating Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning Components With a Commercial Online Writing Lab (Smarthing.com)
Moral Rights and Copyright Harmonisation – Prospects for an ‘International Moral Right’
‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ – The Evolution of Liability for Third Party Provided Content in the UK
Data Protection and Group Companies
Using Iolis Authoring Techniques In A Web Environment