BILETA seminar series funding call 30 Sept 2021

BILETA Research Seminar Awards aim to support individuals or groups from member institutions in organising research and knowledge exchange seminars which reflect the goals of BILETA, or fall within its subject purview.  This funding stream hopes to fund seminar(s) throughout the year (including outside of University teaching terms), with these events to complement the annual conference.  Reflecting this, applications are encouraged to avoid March-April. 

The deadline for this particular call is 5pm GMT 30th September 2021.

Note that in 2021, BILETA encourages applications for online seminars.

Please note that BILETA will only fund up to a maximum of £1,500 per year in total and applicants are encouraged to bear this in mind in framing their applications. For online seminars, it is envisaged that this amount will support more than one award

Awards may be made for support with:

Travel, accommodation and food and drink costs for delegates attending a seminar with a physical element

Room fees for seminars with a physical element

Software, IT and Audiovisual support for all seminars, particularly those with an online element. Note that applications should include details of the benefit which would be gained from using premium or paid for software, rather than options which are available for no fee.  

Translation costs for all seminars, including into non verbal languages such as BSL

Funding for rapporteurs and support for publication of outputs. Immediate open access publication is a requirement of this BILETA funding support.

A report on the seminar for publication on the BILETA website is required within 3 months of the seminar(s).  The support of BILETA must be acknowledged on all seminar materials, and the BILETA logo must be used. BILETA is pleased to consider applications for seminars which are co-funded by others. 

Please note that colleagues may also continue to apply for funding for a seminar as part of a wider project through the BILETA research awards.

Assessment criteria:

  • Clearly identified aims, objectives and expected impact
  • Strategic importance of the seminar for the subject purview and the goals of BILETA and any particular focus set out in any relevant accompanying funding call.
  • Contribution of the seminar to encouraging new colleagues (including from industry, policymaking and those based outside Europe) to become involved in the work of BILETA