BILETA Funding Calls – deadline 1 Sept 2022

BILETA is actively seeking requests for funding from individuals from member institutions to allow research projects to be undertaken or seminar series to be organised which reflect the goals of BILETA, or fall within its subject purview. Two calls are currently open: one to fund research projects and another to fund seminar series. Both calls have the same eligibility and assessment criteria; however, please note that there are two distinct application forms. More detailed criteria are set out below. 

Criteria for BILETA Funding Applications

Awards are available for but not necessarily limited to the following: 

  • Assistance with initial project planning and development
  • Support for small standalone projects or the completion of ongoing projects
  • Holding workshops, seminars and meetings for the advancement of a specific research project
  • Assisting visits to or by research collaborators
  • Assisting with incidental expenses of larger projects
  • Assistance with publication

The subject matter of all applications should fall within the subject purview of BILETA. The application should explain clearly the expected outcomes on completion of the project for which funding is sought. Applications will be considered by the BILETA executive whose decision is final. Conditions may be attached to successful applications and feedback will be given on unsuccessful applications. 

Please note we provide a separate funding stream specifically for seminar series. There is a separate form for the seminar series, below.

Eligible costs include among other things:

  • Travel and subsistence where necessary
  • Room hire, catering and other costs incurred with events
  • Purchase of equipment, etc. that cannot be otherwise obtained
  • Production and publication costs of research outputs

Ineligible costs include among other things:

  • Attendance at conferences (fees, travel or subsistence) 
  • Fees for postgraduate degrees (unless this results in more publicly disseminated outputs in the form of papers or published articles)
  • University overheads, staff buy-out time from teaching or full-economic costed time 

Assessment criteria:

  • Clearly identified aims and objectives
  • Clearly defined research outputs and expected impact
  • Clear demonstration of how Awards funding will be used and how it will improve a project’s impact, delivery time or payback
  • Strategic importance of the funded project for the subject purview and the goals of BILETA as set out in the relevant funding call 

How to apply

The next deadline for submissions is 1 September 2022

A fully completed application form together with a brief CV of the researcher(s) should be submitted electronically to the BILETA Secretariat ( by 5pm on the date of the deadline.

The application form requires: 

  • A summary (max of 750 words) of the project which should include a description of the methodology and conceptual framework, or details of the technical specification as appropriate. In the case of successful applications this will be published on the BILETA website.
  • Details of any other sources of funding together with an explanation of why funding is sought from BILETA for all or part of the project. 
  • A brief literature review or brief review of the state of the art as appropriate.
  • Brief CV of the researcher(s)
  • Contact details of the principal researcher
  • In the case of a postgraduate researcher, a letter of support from the supervisor.
  • The name and contact details of a referee.

Download a copy of the standard application form (April 2022 version)

Download a copy of the seminar series application form (April 2022 version)