BILETA Conference 2022 – postscript and upcoming events

A message from our Chair, Professor Abbe Brown:

Dear BILETA Colleagues

I am pleased to be able to update you on some developments building on the recent conference.

The 37th Annual BILETA Conference hosted as a hybrid event by Dr James Griffin, University of Exeter was a success. Thanks to all who attended in person and virtually.

Congratulations to Mark Leiser and Wen-Ting Yang whose paper won the BILETA EJLT Prize, Allison Holmes and Stephen Crawford whose paper won the Maharg Legal Education Prize, Xiao Chen Mu whose paper won the Jon Bing PG prize and to Sandra Schmitz who won Taylor and Francis Prize  

We take this opportunity to set out some future plans which were shared at the AGM and at the conference. In the coming months, BILETA members will be

  1. invited to submit papers for consideration for publication in special editions of the European Journal of Law & Technology (EJLT) and the International Review of Law, Computers & Technology.
  2. continuing on ongoing programme of responding to policy consultations to which all members are invited to become involved – including/particularly if you have not done this before members to contribute to consultations.
  3. Invited to take part in our mentorship programme – as a mentor,  mentee or both.
  4. encouraged to apply research funding and seminar funding opportunities – open to all BILETA members, so if you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so.
  5. Asked to respond to a survey exploring means by which BILETA could be made more inclusive, including family friendly. 

For BILETA events, members are encouraged to participate in a BILETA symposium at Jindal University, India.  Jindal will host the first BILETA Symposium in January 2023. This will be a hybrid event and we hope that many of our existing community will be able to join in person and virtually and we also look forward to meeting new colleague.   

Also, we are delighted to confirm that the 38th Annual conference will be hosted by Professor Arno Lodder at the Amsterdam Law and Technology Institute, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam in April 2023. The Conference dates will be confirmed in due course. 

Finally, if you would be interested in hosting the BILETA conference in future, or are organising events or have job opportunities that may be of interest to BILETA members,  please contact the with details.

Best wishes to you all

Abbe and the rest of the Exec Team.